SGKFCC 狼群 – Are These Singapore Escort Websites Safe To Use?

Is SGKFCC ‘escort’ website actually even safe and legal for clients to use?

SGKFCC, otherwise known as 狼群, is supposedly an escort website targeting Singapore… Or is it? And is it safe and legal for you to use as a client in Singapore?

Let us first define what an escort is

A female escort in the context of Singapore is a paid companion who will accompany their clients, either to public or private events or simply as a date and a paid girlfriend.

With that out of the way, let us take a look at the SGKFCC website itself.

Is SGKFCC an escort website at all?

First of all, is SGKFCC even an escort website? A quick look at sites like this, and you will quickly notice that they are soliciting prostitution services online over their website. This means that their websites are actually classified as a form of online brothel. This clearly means that they are not classified as a potentially legal escort website at all! So the answer is no, they are not.

Moving on, is online solicitation of prostitution services by them legal?

However, them not being classified as an escort website does not immediately mean that they are outlawed by Singapore. We need to dive in further.

In recent years, lawmakers added a section about this into the law combating online prostitution. This was added into section 146A of the Women’s Charter. It states the following:

A person in Singapore who, in the course of business, operates or maintains in Singapore a remote communication service that:

—(a) offers or facilitates the provision by a woman or girl to another person of sexual services in return for payment or reward;

or (b) organises, manages or supervises the provision of sexual services referred to in paragraph (a), which may include inviting others to receive or participate in providing those services, shall be guilty of an offence and shall be liable on conviction

To clarify the above point, the law also states that:

In subsection (1), “remote communication service” means — (a) any website, web service or Internet application

Since SGKFCC is breaking the law as stated in Women’s Charter chapter 146A part B and it is classified as a website, this means that sites like SGKFCC are illegal in Singapore!


While generally speaking you will not be prosecuted simply by browsing their website nor engaging in their services, whatever they may provide, they are blatantly flouting the laws in Singapore. This means that while you may be legally in the clear, the problem is that they are not. And Singapore does a lot of police operations in such vice industries lately. The police force and IMDA takes an active stand against such illegal prostitution related activities.

If you want to avoid unnecessary embarrassment if you get caught being with one of their girls during a police raid on these vice syndicates in Singapore, then avoid them altogether just to be safe!

What if you still want such services?

So what should you do as a client? There may be legal ones still existing in the designated red light districts of Singapore like Geylang. However, it is recommended that if you must look for a prostitute, go do it in countries where everything about it is legal.

If you want a Singapore escort instead do this

Otherwise, if you just want a sexy and hot Singaporean female companion and escort to accompany you and have a good time with while you are in Singapore, then look for escort agencies instead. Just note that if you are in Singapore, social escort agencies are the preferred route by many clients. This is an excellent article explaining how and why a third party will make your experience better in Singapore if you want to look for an escort girl in Singapore. That is especially the case if you want to find escorts who use real photos. Freelancers are not recommended.

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