Singaporean Social Escorts Versus Sugar Babies – Which Is Better?

If you are looking for a no strings attached relationship in Singapore, should you look for a social escort or a sugar baby?

There are lots of advantages and disadvantages when it comes to each of the dating choice that you have. However, due to every one’s different requirements and desires, one form of dating is usually more beneficial to you over the other.

Really, the ideal choice that you should go for depends. With that said, let us perhaps go through some of the most common advantages and disadvantages of each type of dating in Singapore below!

Advantages of using social escort services

  1. First of all, it is fuss and hassle free.

    When it comes to social escorts, most of the times there is no need to chat up the girl. This is because in Singapore, the local Singaporean scene is largely and heavily dominated by top agencies. One of the largest agencies in Singapore which is highly recommended is SG VIP services. The good news about most agencies is that because you are dealing with the middle person. You are not chatting up a girl. This means straightaway business – ask for whom you want, when you want and where you want to meet her. Done. Time to meet.

  2. Second of all, while standard verification details are a must for all escorts worldwide, you need not send them photos.

    Most sugar babies on sugar dating websites will not bother meeting you unless you also show them how you look. This means it is compulsory for you to send them your photos or selfie on top of your personal details. As mentioned, because most Singaporeans escorts work only with agencies instead of by themselves, agencies only require standard verification details. Photos are almost never a requirement.

  3. Third of all, social escorts do not require a monthly commitment.

    Sugar babies seldom agree to an arrangement unless there is a monthly fixed time and financial commitment from you. However, the main reason many men turn to dating alternatives such as social escorts and sugar babies is because there is no need for commitment! Pay per meet and no strings attached is about as good as it gets – and you get that with social escorts.

  4. The quality of social escorts are usually verified and stable – as long as you stick to reputable agencies.

    While there are some (defunct) agencies which used to scam clients, they tend not to be around for long. Those which are still around are usually fine. Escort agencies usually have a number of girls with them, and they have no incentive to recommend you a bad reviewed social escort. On the other hand, a sugar baby makes no money if she recommends another girl to you. So they tend to overexaggerate how great they are.


  • Unfortunately, not every agency or website is still functioning.

    If you looked around the Internet, you will realize that only a few websites are truly kicking and alive, and only the largest ones are still thriving and refreshed with new escorts all the time.

  • While bigger agencies have lots of options, when it comes to independent escorts in Singapore, your choices are very few.

    There is only one who is more established – Risqué Rebeccca. Other than that, most independent escorts who claim to be Singaporean are 99% of the time actually from China, Vietnam or Thailand who look nothing like their advertised photographs. If you want to date a social escort, I recommend you stick to a large agency like SG VIP Escorts or if you prefer an independent, Rebecca is an option too!

Advantages of finding a sugar baby

  1. If you are very free, then going for a sugar baby might be a more economical option per hour.

    This is because most sugar babies charge you a monthly commitment or allowance, and hence are willing to go much cheaper. You are actually paying less per hour with the sugar baby than social escorts. As mentioned above, this comes at the heavy cost of time which I will talk more about below in the disadvantages section.

  2. You can arrange for semi or full exclusivity options as well.

    If you prefer more commitment than an escort, but less commitment than a girlfriend, then sugar dating is a great option for you! – though this usually heavily depends on how much money you are willing to put into the arrangement.


  • It can be a very time consuming task to look for a serious sugar baby.

    Most girls (and even the sugar daddies) hop onto sugar dating websites purely out of curiosity. Only a small handful are there for business. This means you need to sift through hundreds of Singaporean sugar baby profiles to find active ones, and then chat them up.

  • You will still need to chat up these girls as though you were on any other dating sites.

    Some ghost you, while others do not reply. Not all do not reply because they do not like you, some do not reply because their profile is already inactive. Among those that you chat up, you will still need to convince them to meet you. This is more time consuming than looking for a social escort, who is usually more keen for fast and hassle-free business. Of course, this also depends from escort to escort and agency to agency.

  • Most demand that you send them your photos as well, or they simply will not reply you.

    For the privacy conscious, your name is usually not sufficient. Many of them demand for photos or will ignore you until you send.

  • Because there is no middleman vetting these girls, the quality of these girls are usually not consistent on sugar dating websites.

    This means if you are used to a very hot and great sugar baby, you may never be able to find another ever again in your whole life.


One of the biggest fears that some men have is that the girl ends up being clingy or grow long term emotional connections when they are only looking strictly for no strings attached relationships. Social escorts become social escorts with local agencies because they have zero intention of getting together for the long term with their clients. If you want a true no strings attached relationship, then social escorts your best choice. Sugar babies are your second best choice because some tend to grow emotionally attached.

If you want to look for a real social escort, here are some tips in my previous post to help you find a real social escort in Singapore who looks like her photos easily instead of you getting scammed!

If you are going for sugar babies, you might want to check out sites such as Seeking or The Sugar Book.

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