How To Book A Social Escort In Singapore Even If It Is Your First Time

If this is the first time you are ordering social escort services in Singapore, do not panic! Stay calm, and read on.

Ordering a social escort in Singapore is easy… If you follow these steps.

Step 1: Think about the type of escort you would like to meet

Do you want to meet a younger escort in her young 20s? Or a more mature one in her late 20s? Do you prefer slimmer girls or thicker girls? Are you a fan of local Singaporean girls too? Or do you prefer foreigners?

Everyone has different preferences, so you want to take your time and think through first.

Step 2: Google for “social escorts in Singapore”

Social escorts do not have office spaces or retail spaces in which you can visit them. These offices simply has never existed before in Singapore, and likely, never will. This is however good news for you if you know how to use Google. A quick 10 seconds search on will quickly bring you up a list of social escorts in Singapore. Some of these websites are belonging to agencies, while others are independent escort directories.

First of all, you want to note that most escort websites in Singapore are no longer operational and out of business. Therefore, you want to get a list of escort websites, and simply message them ‘Hello’. If they respond back, good, otherwise, kick them out of your decision choice.

Second of all, you want to note that Singaporean escorts hang out at agencies, whereas foreign models hang out at directories and have their own websites. This is definitely the case in Singapore.

Step 3: Among those who are still operating, look through the website and see the choices that you have

Most Singapore’s escort agency websites and directories all have photographs of the said escorts or themselves. This means that you can browse through roughly first, and then shortlist even further among these active websites.

Once you have shortlisted perhaps 1 to 3 websites, then move on to the next step.

Step 4: Contact these escort agencies for the availability of your preferred escorts

You are strongly recommended to pick a few escorts whom you are comfortable meeting. Most escorts do not work full time, and so if you are too picky, finding a girl is impossible. Pick a few escorts with whom you are keen to meet with, and check their availabilities with the agency.

If you are contacting an independent, then ask her for her availability.

You are strongly recommended to stick to escort agencies in SG if you truly want an escort who looks like her photographs. Agencies are far more reputable than the independent girls working in Singapore.

Step 5: Decide on the date, meet time and location before hiring an escort

Singaporean escorts and agencies are notorious for shutting down and not replying clients if you do not provide the above details, and whatever else verification details they may require from you.

When you contact the agency or the independent, make sure to provide them with the date, time and location, or chances are, your message will not even be bothered to be responded to.

Step 6: They will advise you on availability, and then you make a decision to book!

It really is that easy to book and meet female escorts in Singapore. All you need is the above steps, and not be wishy washy or be stingy, as escorts are notoriously expensive in Singapore.

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