Why Do SG Girls Become Social Escorts? (3 Big Reasons In Singapore)

In today’s article of looking into Singapore’s social escort industry further, we investigate the most common reasons why Singaporean girls become escorts in Singapore. While every girl has her own reasons, these are found to be some of the most common and overlapping reasons that we have found from interviewing the escorts.

Singapore girls become escorts to pay off their massive school loans quickly

First of all, they need to pay their university or school loans off. This is much more common that you may think so. With so much pressure on children to work hard and study hard and excel academically in Singapore, even though academic excellence does not always translate to career success, Singaporean girls put a high significance on studies. This means going for further studies by any means possible. In fact, many of them view it as compulsory, rather than something additional.

Unfortunately, some girls will definitely come from poor families, simply due to statistics. Therefore, these girls do not have the financial support from their parents, unlike those from well-off backgrounds. Therefore, they turn to escort work to support themselves.

SG girls want to buy luxury items!

Second of all, you may not be very surprised to hear this, but the truth is a girl would rather be seen crying in a luxury sedan with a branded handbag than to be normal on a regular public transport with a bag bought from the local wet market. Everyone aspires to some form of materialistic dreams, some just happen to be more expensive than others! Some think a $3000 Chanel bag is nice, while others think a $300 Kate Spade is good enough. The latter girl may think the former is materialistic, but there may be far poorer girls thinking that the latter girl is super materialistic! Therefore, materialism is really just a matter of ambition and personal preference.

Everyone should strive for their own version of happiness, and material possessions definitely do matter. Some girls work hard as social escorts in Singapore to eventually save up and buy luxury items for themselves. Once again, a big reason is because these girls come from less than well-to-do family households.

Some girls need to help with their parents very expensive medical bills

Third of all, some girls work hard as escorts to pay off their elderly parent’s medical bills. Even with Medisave and other financial schemes to help citizens, sometimes, some medical bills are gigantic. Unfortunately, some of the girls’ parents are unable to work anymore due to their illness or old age. Therefore, the children are unfortunate enough to be landed with such bills. However, these girls are hardworking and willing to work hard as escorts in Singapore to pay off their parents’ medical bills.

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