In today’s article, we have with us Georgina (not her real name), a Singaporean social escort model who started 2 years ago and is now 24 years old. Georgina shares with us her experience thus far as an escort. It is not everyday that we manage to get a female escort to spill the beans on how her life is being a social escort in Singapore so treasure this interview!

On what the job entails

“You are basically paid to be the girlfriend of these rich men… Rich men can be lonely, some of them are locals, some are foreigners, but they always want a beautiful girl on their side,” Georgina said.

“However, before taking on an escort job, you should ask friends if you have any who are escorts. Either that or you should do your thorough research online. It is not all glamorous and all. Just like any other job, there’s great and bad clients. At the end of the day, you just accept and think about the Birkin bag you can get while still in your 20s!”

Buying luxury items can be a big reason why many Singaporean girls are turning to social escort work.

On the social stigma

“This is after all, Singapore. Not expecting any social stigma or people potentially looking at you funny if they know you are an escort is a dream. Of course, I don’t let anyone outside of my clients and the escort agency know that I work as an escort.”

Georgina says that being an escort is definitely legal in Singapore, but because of the relatively conservative culture in Singapore, there is still that social stigma. In places like Las Vegas, it would be seen as perfectly normal. No one would even bat an eyelid. It is similar to being an underwear model in an even more conservative country such as Indonesia – people will also look at you funny if they know.

“At the end of the day, we live for ourselves. I rather clear off my debts, get a good side income and buy some luxury handbags once in a while being an escort than worrying about what others think about me. This is my life anyway, not anyone else’s.”

On first time escorts

Most girls who are first time escorts or just started work as a social escort in Singapore mistake being an escort as dating. “At the end of the day, we are being paid to pretend to be someone else’s girlfriend. This means that you should not have preferences if you want the money. Some only want certain types of clients, certain race or something. Don’t forget that you could nearly instantly double your earnings if you simply dropped your preferences!”

Georgina playfully pointed at her Hermes Birkin bag while saying that.

Georgina adds on that, “There are some girls who think only about the money, and that is how they get through the ups and downs of the job of being a social escort in Singapore. However, I think that at the core, it is a customer service job. If you are the type who are uptight and cannot handle dealing with all types of clients, whether you like it or not, then don’t be a social escort.”

On dealing with clients who demand to see face photos

“All legitimate Singaporean escort girls will use censored photos. If you are seeing the full picture, you are likely going to get scammed by a foreign lady who looks nothing like the image – which is usually some stolen Googled image or stolen off someone else’s social media.”

That said, she says there will always be people asking for photos but she will not agree to send to end clients, especially those who had never booked her before.

That is actually a reason why we also wrote a post here on how you can find a real social escort in Singapore and avoid getting scammed. Singapore escort industry works differently versus that of certain Western countries.

On the earnings

Georgina feels that while on a day to day basis, the amount she earns can range drastically, she makes a very comfortable amount every month. While Georgina has declined to share her earnings, she shared that buying 1 to 2 luxury handbags or purse a month is quite an easy thing to do for her. And that is purely from her escort earnings, not including her day job (she has a flexible time day job). So how much does Georgina make a month? Go figure!

On whether if given a choice to restart, she will still be a social escort girl in Singapore again

The answer is a resounding, “Yes. But you know, I regret something. I should have had less expectations and preferences at the start. If I had less, I could have doubled the money I made initially in my first 6 to 7 months!”

So there you have it. What do you think? Are you a social escort yourself or an agency and would like to be interviewed and featured on our blog?

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