Why Do SG Girls Become Social Escorts? (3 Big Reasons In Singapore)

In today’s article of looking into Singapore’s social escort industry further, we investigate the most common reasons why Singaporean girls become escorts in Singapore. While every girl has her own reasons, these are found to be some of the most common and overlapping reasons that we have found from interviewing the escorts.

Singapore girls become escorts to pay off their massive school loans quickly

First of all, they need to pay their university or school loans off. This is much more common that you may think so. With so much pressure on children to work hard and study hard and excel academically in Singapore, even though academic excellence does not always translate to career success, Singaporean girls put a high significance on studies. This means going for further studies by any means possible. In fact, many of them view it as compulsory, rather than something additional.

Unfortunately, some girls will definitely come from poor families, simply due to statistics. Therefore, these girls do not have the financial support from their parents, unlike those from well-off backgrounds. Therefore, they turn to escort work to support themselves.

SG girls want to buy luxury items!

Second of all, you may not be very surprised to hear this, but the truth is a girl would rather be seen crying in a luxury sedan with a branded handbag than to be normal on a regular public transport with a bag bought from the local wet market. Everyone aspires to some form of materialistic dreams, some just happen to be more expensive than others! Some think a $3000 Chanel bag is nice, while others think a $300 Kate Spade is good enough. The latter girl may think the former is materialistic, but there may be far poorer girls thinking that the latter girl is super materialistic! Therefore, materialism is really just a matter of ambition and personal preference.

Everyone should strive for their own version of happiness, and material possessions definitely do matter. Some girls work hard as social escorts in Singapore to eventually save up and buy luxury items for themselves. Once again, a big reason is because these girls come from less than well-to-do family households.

Some girls need to help with their parents very expensive medical bills

Third of all, some girls work hard as escorts to pay off their elderly parent’s medical bills. Even with Medisave and other financial schemes to help citizens, sometimes, some medical bills are gigantic. Unfortunately, some of the girls’ parents are unable to work anymore due to their illness or old age. Therefore, the children are unfortunate enough to be landed with such bills. However, these girls are hardworking and willing to work hard as escorts in Singapore to pay off their parents’ medical bills.

How To Find A REAL Social Escort In Singapore And Avoid Fakes

There are lots of fake escorts listing around the world, and this is the case for Singapore too! So, how do you ensure that you meet a genuine escort listing and not someone who looks nothing like her photos? The tips and tricks for this varies between country to country.

Here are some of the best tips you can follow to meet a genuine and real social escort in Singapore.

In Singapore, there are agencies and there are classified ads, or rather, independent escort listings on directory websites.

What you want to note is that most European listings on independent sites are real. Also, most Singaporean girl listings on local social escort agencies are of the actual local girls. However, most Asian or Singaporean listings on independent sites are fake.

The reason for that is because Singaporeans are very socially conservative. Singapore escorts want to hide behind the anonymity and protection of a legal and registered social escort agency. They also do not show their full faces to clients before meeting.

On the other hand, Europeans are much more open minded and show their full actual faces on independent sites.

Looking for a local Singaporean social escort?

Singaporean girl

If you want to look for a local Singaporean escort, go to agencies. Singaporean girls are socially conservative, and while they are fine with working as a social escort, they certainly do not ever want to plaster their faces all over the Internet. This is why Singaporean listings are usually at agency websites. Most agency lists provides real profiles of the actual Singaporean models. Just note that their faces are always cropped off. This is normal, as long as you stick to agencies. Those listings are real.

If you want Singaporean girls, avoid independent sites like the plague. 99 out of every 100 listings are fake, and they are usually Filipinos, Thais or Vietnamese girls pretending to be a girl who looks like a Taiwanese supermodel. Hint: This is because they do use fake photographs, not of themselves, but those stolen online from real supermodels. If you engage a ‘Singaporean’ independent escort at a cheap price, prepare to meet a 2/10 instead of the 9/10 you were looking for. They will probably be 20 kg heavier and cannot speak English well, if at all.

Looking for a European escort instead?

European girl

If you are searching for a European escort, I strongly recommend that you wait and go to Europe to look for them instead, because most of them work in Singapore under a tourist VISA. That is technically illegal under Singapore’s manpower laws, and because Singapore is well known for cracking down on illegal aliens, you just have to pray hard the girl does not get busted while you meet her, or you will be likely interrogated by the local police as well.

Life Being A Social Escort In Singapore – Is It All Glamorous?

In today’s article, we have with us Georgina (not her real name), a Singaporean social escort model who started 2 years ago and is now 24 years old. Georgina shares with us her experience thus far as an escort. It is not everyday that we manage to get a female escort to spill the beans on how her life is being a social escort in Singapore so treasure this interview!

On what the job entails

“You are basically paid to be the girlfriend of these rich men… Rich men can be lonely, some of them are locals, some are foreigners, but they always want a beautiful girl on their side,” Georgina said.

“However, before taking on an escort job, you should ask friends if you have any who are escorts. Either that or you should do your thorough research online. It is not all glamorous and all. Just like any other job, there’s great and bad clients. At the end of the day, you just accept and think about the Birkin bag you can get while still in your 20s!”

On the social stigma

“This is after all, Singapore. Not expecting any social stigma or people potentially looking at you funny if they know you are an escort is a dream. Of course, I don’t let anyone outside of my clients and the agency know that I work as an escort.”

Georgina says that being an escort is definitely legal in Singapore, but because of the relatively conservative culture in Singapore, there is still that social stigma. In places like Las Vegas, it would be seen as perfectly normal. No one would even bat an eyelid. It is similar to being an underwear model in an even more conservative country such as Indonesia – people will also look at you funny if they know.

“At the end of the day, we live for ourselves. I rather clear off my debts, get a good side income and buy some luxury handbags once in a while being an escort than worrying about what others think about me. This is my life anyway, not anyone else’s.”

On first time escorts

Most girls who are first time escorts or just started work as a social escort in Singapore mistake being an escort as dating. “At the end of the day, we are being paid to pretend to be someone else’s girlfriend. This means that you should not have preferences if you want the money. Some only want certain types of clients, certain race or something. Don’t forget that you could nearly instantly double your earnings if you simply dropped your preferences!”

Georgina playfully pointed at her Hermes Birkin bag while saying that.

Georgina adds on that, “There are some girls who think only about the money, and that is how they get through the ups and downs of the job of being a social escort in Singapore. However, I think that at the core, it is a customer service job. If you are the type who are uptight and cannot handle dealing with all types of clients, whether you like it or not, then don’t be a social escort.”

On the earnings

Georgina feels that while on a day to day basis, the amount she earns can range drastically, she makes a very comfortable amount every month. While Georgina has declined to share her earnings, she shared that buying 1 to 2 luxury handbags or purse a month is quite an easy thing to do for her. And that is purely from her escort earnings, not including her day job (she has a flexible time day job). So how much does Georgina make a month? Go figure!

On whether if given a choice to restart, she will still be a social escort girl in Singapore again

The answer is a resounding, “Yes. But you know, I regret something. I should have had less expectations and preferences at the start. If I had less, I could have doubled the money I made initially in my first 6 to 7 months!”

So there you have it. What do you think? Are you a social escort yourself or an agency and would like to be interviewed and featured on our blog?

If so, then make sure to comment below and let us know!